Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekend Update

Well hello there!

So this isn't really a weekend update, since it's only Friday..but I was struggling with a title for this post and that's the first thing I thought of.

Time for my weekly check-in to let you know how awesome miserably I did on this weeks Weekly Goals.

As far as meals those were easy peasy and done. Working on my meal plan and shopping list for next week. My only sadness is that I bought the ingredients to make these yummy breakfast cups from Natalie's recipe but didn't get around to it...maybe tonight, we'll see.

Okay. Back to my list. I did not even come CLOSE to cleaning up the bedroom, but its not looking like project move room around is going to happen this weekend anyway. sads. I also did not touch my 2012 family year book, so we'll have to add those to the list for next week.

I did clean out the linen closet (post to follow once I upload photos) and I did do some sewing as you can see if you look over to your right and check out my new etsy shop. please and thank you.

Looking forward to a fun and busy weekend. Who knows..maybe the bedroom will get moved around...

In other news, I'm looking to start a book club for the new paperback release of Kelle Hampton's book Bloom. Anyone interested?? Let me know!!  I have no idea the best way to run a book club online, but I'm sure we can figure it out.

I have some amazing things happening on the blog in the next few weeks. Some great guests, a few giveaways, and fingers crossed, pictures of my kids with bunnies and chickens. I know. You are excited.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

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