Thursday, April 11, 2013


I'm referring to my new vacuum.
It REALLY sucks.
For reals yo!

So, I was "the chosen one" and was selected to host a Dyson Animal DC44 House Party.  Never heard of House Party before? Definitely go check them out.

This house party was a bit different, in addition to the "Party Pack" you had to agree to purchase the Dyson Animal DC44 for a ridiculously low price, which I gladly did.

I was beyond giddy when it finally arrived. I actually went home from work on my lunch break to open it up and get it charged up so I could take it on a test run.

very similar to putting together ikea furniture

i would pay a small fortune to remember where I put my warranty paperwork :(

Once I got it all set up I charged the battery and headed back to work, and couldn't wait to get home to use it. That's normal right? To be excited to vacuum?

Let's just say it was love at first press of the button. You see, one of the funky things about the Dyson stick vacuum is that you need to keep pressing the trigger button for it to work. The reason being is that it is battery operated and it helps save up that juice.  I read some reviews and people were really bothered by this, and I can see if you were vacuuming a huge house where it might get annoying, but it didn't bother me at all. Mike was not a fan, but he's committed to our first Dyson and I don't think wanted to cheat on it with this new fancy younger one.

The Dyson animal is super easy to handle and with the attachments it came with I was able to clean up all the floors, the couch (what? you don't vacuum your couch?).  My original plan was to craigslist our old Dyson DC07 so that we'd just have the stick vacuum  but while the Dyson Animal rocks at floors, furniture, hard to reach places and even my car, it's not so great on my shag rug, or the other rugs in the house, so alas, we are now a 2 Dyson family.

I have to give props for Dyson for one of the most creative Party Packs I've ever received.

crazy hair toddler not included
but all this fun stuff is!

Not only did it come complete with the tool kit for the Dyson Animal which makes it your cars new BFF, but it also had all these tools for some really fun activities for the party. The kids may or may not have broken into the marshmallows before party time.

Overall the Dyson House Party Experience was awesome. We all had a great time, and if I didn't lose all the pictures from that day I would share them with you. They may be somewhere on my mac, but I have yet to find them :(

As far as the Dyson Animal DC44 I'm a huge fan. It is so much better than sweeping those hardwood floors everyday and it really gets into some pretty tight spaces. I love that it's wireless so that I can take it anywhere.  Unless you only have hardwood or tile floors and some small area rugs you'd still want a beefier vacuum to handle larger rug areas, but for my everyday use, I love this thing.

Oh, and Dyson is running a promo through the 15th for a free Tool Kit when you purchase any cordless vacuum.

***all of the opions expressed in this post are my own. i was not compensated for this post, it was simply part of my "House Party Pact" to share the joy my new Dyson brings me :)



  1. I didn't realize you got the stick one. We have that here and it is so great to whip out after dinner or a 14 child valentine party.

  2. oooh!!!!! I have been hoping ours breaks so I can convince O to get this one!! lol especially for the stairs and car!
    Thanks for sharing chica!