Friday, April 12, 2013

Files of Fancy!

Okay seriously..where did this week go??

I FINALLY found some pictures of a quick project a did like forever ago. I really wanted to give some of the storage in my bedroom so pizzazz  so with the help of some cool chevron fabric (thanks Liss!) and my trusty spray adhesive I set out to cover my current filing box.

First I gathered my supplies: fabric, box, spray adhesive, scissors, camera

After I smoothed out the fabric I figured out the best placement so that I wouldn't have too much wasted fabric. Once that was done I sprayed the bottom of the file box and stuck it in place.

Then I had to decide which way I wanted to "wrap" the box. I ended up cutting the fabric so I would wrap it around the box so that the zig zags were vertical.  It also meant the seams went along the smaller sides of the box for a more streamlined look.

Once that was all figured out it was as simple as spaying the box and wrapping it with the fabric.

I tucked in the top ends and glued those with my glue gun. Trimmed the edges and then used my fun turquoise duct tape to keep the edges from fraying.


Any quick upgrades going on in your casa?

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