Friday, June 7, 2013

i've been bad...

very bad.
Remember back when i proclaimed I was going to do a spend fast? either.
I actually did pretty good for a while, then it tapered off.  I caught myself in Target last week after a $30 raid of the dollar bins and was like, wow, intervention time.

 photo tumblr_lq9hd8go5R1qccs7p_zps83216c5b.gif

So, I intervened myself (huh?) and am recommitting to my spendfast for the summer (after I buy the $10 ikea curtains I need)

So, let's all refresh our memory and review the spendfast 2013..

Wow. Okay, that was REALLY good to look at again.
Spendfast 2013-Summer Edition starts now!!

Any resolutions/goals that have fallen off the radar that you want to pick back up??
Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

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