Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My new house..

and then I woke up...

For Memorial Day Weekend me and the kids headed down to Rhode Island. Despite the dreary weather we had a great time. I love it there. I swear the air is different...

The street my parents live on is sort of on the water. I say sort of because the backyard is pretty big and backs up into a lot of brush and woods, and then you hit the water. All the houses on that street are the same way. Oh, there are also train tracks back there.  There was a path down the end of the street that you would walk down, through all that brush and get to the water. It was buggy, and kind of a yucky walk, but great once you got to the water. A few years back I guess the land was bought and a development company started doing their thing. Today, that chunk of land is now the Newport Beach Club.  There are only a few houses built that are occupied, but it's so nice to have an open area, and a nice paved path to the water now.

We went for a walk down there over Memorial Day weekend and my Mom and I were arguing discussing one of the houses that are built. It's by itself, close to the water. My Mom said it was a clubhouse, I said it was a model home. Guess who won?

When we got close to the house I looked at a sign on the front door stating it was a model and to come on in and take a peek. I had the kids with me, so Jackson and I just took a quick peek through the door near the garage. Wow. I turned around to tell my Mom that if that was the basement I can only imagine the rest of the house when the realtor came out and asked if we wanted to look around. I said "Oh no, that's okay thank you" and my Mom promptly said louder than me "Okay, thanks!" and walked on in.

The realtor informed us of the stats of the house, and that they had just reduced the price by one million, down to 2.8.  I asked Taylor if she would buy it for me, she said yes.

OBSESSED with this floor to ceiling window treatments

Taylor thought this was a bed...

A little work area on one of the landings

Welcome Home!
The house is unbelievabley gorgeous, and the interior design is unreal. I have the designers card, somewhere, and as soon as I find it I'll update with her info. I want all of the light fixtures in this house, they were awesome.

 photo sig13_zps3dac127e.jpg


  1. I'd kill for the stove, the tub and those windows.... Thanks now you got me dreaming of a beach house like this!

  2. The house looks great, Amy! It's a steal to buy this house considering the price went down to 2.8 million. The interior is well-designed with large windows that let in the light and set a very classy ambiance; even the bathroom design is well-thought of! Have you already moved in?

    Willene Fagen @ Roofing and More INC