Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Falling Foward

I can't even remember the last time I blogged. I realize I could stop typing right now and go look, but we'll just assume it's been too long. Fall is here! Okay, well not really. But, it's September and I'm so looking forward to the cooler air and fun family holidays coming our way. I dunno. I just have a good feeling...

Summer slipped away too quickly as usual. Thanks to work, trips to RI were few and far between, but we did manage to take a week off to spend there. The weather was "eh" but we made the best of it and did some fun day trips like the Mystic Aquarium.

hello mr. whale!

We also hit the zoo-a RI trip requirement and it is just as much about the playground now as it is about seeing the animals.

We had a few beach days, thankfully!

And some QT with Baby Peaches

this is what happens when i try to get a picture of the three of them..

stop it..

Some other fun moments:

she loves her horsies

I can't believe he's five!!!

I realize that there are no pictures of me and Mike, or all four of us for that matter. Resolving to change that immediately and make sure that we are both in pictures more.

So what's up for the fall? School, dancing lessons, soccer, holidays, better eating and getting healthy. And blogging. I'm hoping to at least get it in twice a week. Let's see how that goes! I'm also ready for that wonderful time when the weather is perfect for sweaters AND flip flops. By far my favorite.

Hope everyone enjoyed the end of summer. Let's go fall!!!!

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  1. love love the pics of your kiddos!!! How are they getting so big so quickly!! Summer really did go by so quickly but plaid, leather, boots, apple picking, baking and cider donuts are calling my name!
    Glad you had a fabulous time, now welcome back to reality... lol
    Natalie @ DRB