Tuesday, September 24, 2013

hello moto

Apparently my hiatus from blogging has turned me into a fashion blogger, which quite frankly is hysterical.  I think it's because I am majorly slacking on photos for my to do list update post, and its way easier to link things to pictures of fun clothes and shoes on the interwebs.

For a while now I've REALLY wanted a "moto" jacket. Ask my friend Natalie. I think in the time I've known her I send her one like once a month to get her input. I just haven't bit the bullet on this purchase. I think the mental image I have of me in it is just way cooler than it will actually look.

Like I think I'll look like this:

But really it will be more like this:

Truth be told I actually have a kinda moto sweatshirty like jacket I scored at old navy. And I actually have a really cool sweater one with fun zippers from the gap. But I want an actual (leather if possible) one for the fall/winter. Practical, I know.

hello lovah..

chances I can get Jackson to buy it for me if I tell him it was lightning mcqueens???

This one, while not leather is a top contender. I think I have a new obsession with Barbour and would really like any of their jackets. This one is cool and looks like it might actually keep me warm.

This one I really like. It's simple and looks roomy enough for a sweater, but not bulky so it loses the cool moto feel of it.

This one from Old Navy might be the winner. It's fake..but it's only $49 and is 35% off...hmmm.

Okay. Back to home improvements, craft, and endless pictures of my kids soon. I'm going to leave the fashion to the professionals now.

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  1. Just found your blog! And I'm a liiiiiiittle scared, because I want all of these jackets myself. Especially the Old Navy one, actually, which is lucky, considering the price. Good finds!

    1. I know!! I have a $20 coupon for gap/old navy too, so I may just be adding that to my online shopping cart today :)