Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I've been holding off on posting until I had taken some pictures to illustrate what I have checked off my to do list. That hasn't happened yet, so we'll just hold off on that post shall we?

I will try my best to keep my fashion opinions to a minimum in this post, since as we are well aware I am no fashionista.  In fact, does anyone else have the problem off all your clean shirts actually being dirty? I went through 3 shirts (all "clean") on Saturday night before I found one that didn't have any weird random stain. Went to work yesterday with a white t-shirt on only to realize i had dried up neon green play dough on it, then today found what I can only assume is toothpaste on my sweater. Is it just me with this issue? I do laundry like it's my job. Maybe I need a new detergent...or a maid. Advice?

Fall is in full swing in my house. We decorated the last weekend of September for Halloween and have already had some fun fall/Halloween activities including Davis Farmland and Canobie Lake Scream fest. Both of my kids REALLY wanted to go into the haunted houses. If I didn't have to be the one to deal with their nightmares, I totally would have let them just to see how they react.

horsie's at davis farmland

not scary at all!

i went on this. amazing

hello mr. alpaca

visiting sweetpea
Up next for our Halloween spectacular is visiting Escobar Farms in RI for some pumpkin picking and maybe the corn maze and then the RW Zoo Jack-O-Lantern Spectacle  this weekend. Let's hope we have some good weather!!

Can anyone else not believe it's already October? I may have started my Christmas shopping already though. HA!

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