Wednesday, November 27, 2013

bubbles....he likes...bubbles

As I mentioned..on my fall to do list is clean/organize laundry "room". I use "room" because our laundry area is simply a large closet in our bathroom. The other night I opened it up to start the tedious task of going through all my buckets and inspiration struck me!  This room of clean needed some TLC, so I came up with a few things that I wanted to do.

  • clean
  • re-organize buckets
  • get string so that I can turn on the light
Not anything crazy, but this is just the jumping off point.

Along with purchasing new baskets (more on that later). I really wanted to do something to the walls. The color is the color of the bathroom when we moved in. I had no desire to paint that or the closet either of the times we painted the bathroom, but it needed something. There were a few holes, so I patched those up and then went with a very similar to my curtains polka dot design in a goldish brown I had laying around.

Viola!! Once everything is done I'll take a good shot of the whole "room" to show you, but this gives you an idea. Oh, and that sad lamp shade was attempt number one at updated light in there. Spoiler Alert: It was an epic fail.

 photo sig13_zps3dac127e.jpg

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