Tuesday, November 19, 2013

holy crap it's the middle of november

My heart just stopped as I realized it's NOVEMBER 19th and I haven't done like 1/2 of the items on my fall to do list. Crap!

It's pretty much sad to even post..but here's the update. sads..

Sad right? I have some serious work to do this week/weekend. The problem is that I decided to "do over" the laundry "room" and that's taken up some time, But enough of the excuses! This week I VOW to complete following tasks...or else. (not sure what, but I'm open to consequences)

  • dust all light fixtures and ceiling fan
  • vacuum vents
  • clean switch plates, vents
  • wash windows and sills
  • wipe down deck

I also vow to post about my plans for the laundry "room" and update on a few holiday crafts.

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