Monday, November 11, 2013

getting ready

It occurred to me last night, as I was changing out the hinges on my bathroom doors (that's a normal after work activity, right?) that there is A LOT of little things that need to be done to get the condo ready for sale next year.

Well, you know I love me a good list, and need to be held accountable, so here is the new/update condo punch list.  But wait, we should first revisit the first punch list and see what has already been accomplished, don't you think??

Yikes!! Not too much done on there huh?
Well, I'm 95% done with the hinged and strike plates, so that will make things a bit better.
Trim & doors is 50% done. Bathroom and living room are all set there, but lots more to do :(
I would still like to switch the outlets to white, but won't be too mad if this doesn't happen. But what I REALLY want to do is add one of these babies to the bathroom:

Yup, it's an occupancy sensor. No more night lights and no more yelling at  asking the kids nicely to turn the light off when they are done in there. Katie Bower did a tutorial no her blog and I'm all over it.

The hallway and dining room SERIOUSLY need some new lighting. I may go check out restore and see if they have anything that can be a fun project.

The vent covers are another thing that if I don't get to I won't be too upset, though I do plan on replacing the one in the bathroom completely.

Speaking of the bathroom, I've decided to take on a small project and update our laundry area. I have before pictures and it's already in progress so stay tuned.

Other minor things that need to be done (aside from total house clean out and organization, along with sending some things to storage). I apologize for this not being in a pretty list as usual...

  • Re-Caulking the sinks and tubs (okay, I may have already completed that one)
  • Touch up of cabinet paint
  • Something with the bathroom mirror? Add bathroom art?
  • Replace vent in bathroom
  • Laundry "Room" project
Any other "must do" tips before putting your house up for sale that anyone wants to share???

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  1. What a great list. It scares me as I think of so many of those things that have to be done here in our townhouse, except I can't do most of it int he third trimester. I say take pictures of the outside now before the snow and yuckiness prevents it. We painted out front door, added a fancy # plate and our fall decor is out so I took advantage and snapped a few pics. Also snap pics as you redo a room, this way it's organized and at it's best. Good luck!!!
    Natalie @ DRB