Thursday, April 25, 2013

forget your troubles, come on get happy!

Lately I've been thinking about all the "to do's" around the house, and I really want to start attacking them. Something about the nicer weather, and the goal to hopefully get our place on the market next year has me ready to go.

Both the living room and the bathroom NEED to be painted. Like yesterday. I've been playing around with all sorts of those fun "virtual room painters". See, look:

These are all Benjamin Moore colors. I set out to Lowe's a few days ago to pick up some paint chips, and get some white semi-gloss so I can start painting doors and trims (this also REALLY needs to be done). I totally forgot that Lowe's didn't carry Benjamin Moore and ended up grabbing a bunch of Valspar paint chips, a quart of semi-gloss ultra white, a gallon of red "oops" paint, as well as two paint samples, foam brushes, a roller and sandpaper. Oh and shims. And I forgot to mention I had Jackson and Taylor with me, and they were NOT in a carriage  Hence all the extra items. They REALLY wanted to paint, so they each got a pod of sample paint and I figured they could paint the shims.

I started re-thinking my color choices when Mike said they all looked yellow. And then Liss agreed. So, I've now narrowed it down to the following Valspar choices.  I made the switch to Valspar mainly because of cost, and the fact that I can order the paint samples online (only $3 compared to $7 for Mr. Moore) and then pick them up at the store. This will hopefully eliminate any kid purchases. Lowe's has a whole Disney section (why, I'm not sure).

Obviously, this list needs to be narrowed down to like 3 or 4, any suggestions on which would work best???

So along with all this painting I am re-spraying all my ORB'd door handles and going to switch out the hinges and strike plates with bronze ones so they'll match. I also need to pick a color for the bathroom and pain the bookcase in my kitchen (this is what the red oops paint is for).  Actually, I just thought of like 10 other things, so here's a list:

Like that? Punch list. I'm all professional and stuff. Along with all this "constructiony??" stuff I want to redecorate the living room (yes, again). I think I'm going to add some pops of blue, more on this to come. I also REALLY want a new comforter for our bedroom. Maybe something like this?

Happy Chic collection @ JCPENNEY (can't get "come on get happy" out of my head..)

I just need it to go on sale. Like a lot.

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  1. Try a grey... You would be surprised at how much of a neutral it is and then the best advice is buy some samples and paint a few colors... the frames look fab! Love the idea of painting the handles. hmmmm. Should I add that to my list?! good luck with the list girlie!

    1. do you think any of the valspar ones I picked would be grey enough? It was tough to pick some that weren't super dark grey..yah know? ARGH!!!