Monday, April 22, 2013


Last week was rough.

In an attempt to regain some sense of normalcy, I present you with my super duper awesome exciting "Weekly Goals" list.

ta da!!

We had a VERY busy weekend, mainly thanks to my new part-time job. But, also had a great time on Friday because I took the day off to hang with the crazies.

We went mini-golfing. I spent quite a bit of time editing (aka making me look pretty) my pictures but for some reason when I upload them on blogger they are coming up sideways, so this is all you get:

Taylor after mini-golf

 I also uploaded my first Vine video!

Apparently there is no easy way to link you guys over to my find my account, so my best advice is to do a search for Amy Drive33. I only have one follower. I feel lonely :(

Anything fun & exciting going on in your neck of the woods? Anyone else try to be cool and join vine?

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