Friday, April 26, 2013

stop trying to make fetch happen

There's been something that's been bugging me for a little while now...and  I've sort of just been "ehh, whatever about it", but today I'm going to put my two cents in.

I've been sort of amazed by some comments I see on people's blogs. Mean comments. Not just "hey I don't agree with you" but like nasty, mean, attacking the person who wrote the blog comments. Comments that more likely than not they would never say to that person's face (or maybe they would...who knows).  How easy it is to hide "behind the keys of a message board".

So it's been bugging me. But I haven't  said anything. Because really, who cares about what I have to say. But come on people.

One of my favorite bloggers made a comment that sort of put me off. A big proponent of "everyone is entitled to their opinion" she basically just did the complete opposite of what she asks her readers to do in a comment she made. It pissed me off. Sure, I talked to my sister for a bit about it because we both read the blog and both agreed that it bugged us, but that was it.

In a moment (okay..more like 30 minutes) of boredom today I started googling her (that's normal right?) and found a website that basically invites you to talk $hit about bloggers. Um. what? How is this okay? I mean, obviously people can do/say what they want, but really? A website just to go and talk badly about people. How is that cool?

Just the other day one of my other fave bloggers had posted something about "Mean Girls" and I really enjoyed the post and even shared it on facebook. But low and behold I found 364 pages of people talking crap about her on the website I found. THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FOUR pages of people complaining and talking badly about someone. In many cases I'm guessing someone they don't even really know. In addition, many claimed that her post about "Mean Girls" was directed towards them. All righty then...

I guess all of this to just say I'm sad and beside myself that so many people can be so mean and hurtful.  If you don't like a bloggers opinions or what they write then don't read it and leave well enough alone.

and stop trying to make fetch happen.

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