Monday, April 29, 2013

me and t.swift (anyone that's really close to her just calls her "t")

Time for my weekly check in to talk about how awesome miserable I did on last weeks goals.  As a reminder, here's my to do list for last week. Yeah...I should have just put "work" on my to do list and that would have at least been achievable. I don't even think I cooked anything on my list. No, I just checked it and I did. phew.

Ah! that reminds me I need to print out my weekly check list today. I  love having that hanging up as a gentle reminder of what is supposed to get done, and it's a handy place to quickly jot down things that we are running low on. I'll probably keep that going until I win the lottery and can buy this:

For only $3500 one can own the LG SmartThinkQ fridge. This thing looks AMAZING. It has this computer on the front that does everything. It keeps track of what's in your fridge, when things are expiring..and by far my favorite, it will suggest recipes based on what you have. It can also talk to your oven if you happen to have one of the ThinkQ ovens too. I'm sure those are like a bagillion dollars though.  Mike and I talked about it last night, and one day when the seas have parted and we can afford such luxuries, we will purchase this fridge and name it Chilly. Mike wants to name the fridge Burn-E. I'm not sold on it, but it's growing on me.

But back to the point of this post, my weekly goals. Here they are:

So while I didn't complete much on my list last week, I did actually get a lot done. I re-ORB'd a few door handles and painted the trim and doors in the bathroom. So that's something. I didn't run because I had a small injury the week before and my foot wasn't up for it, but I plan on running this week as well as working on some exercises for my diastis recti, which I have diagnosed myself with. I SERIOUSLY need to get working on the yearbook and getting my pictures in general organized. Liss had a great idea of creating the pages along the way instead of trying to do them all at once, so I want to get a head start on our 2013 yearbook too.

Does anyone else out there make a family yearbook? I'd love to hear how you do it and what organizing tips and tricks work for you :)

In other news, while Taylor Swift bought a house in RI, it is NO WHERE near my parents house, and thus any dreams I had of running into her have been crushed. I think we would have been great friends. Either that or it would just be fun to say "oh yeah...I go to the same XX as taylor swift. Yah know, she lives right near my parents". Hmm...forget everything I just said, I'm going to tell people she lives near them anyway.

And I just realized while writing all this that this is such a post about absolutely nothing at all, but it was fun to write just the same. More posts with more substance on their way. I promise :)

Here's a pic of me and t.swift at the beach in RI. Yah know..just frolicking in the waves like good friends do..

 photo sig13_zps3dac127e.jpg

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