Monday, December 9, 2013

Holiday Wish List-for me!!!

It's that time of year folks! That special magical time when bloggers around the world post their favorite things to share with the millions or in my case 5 people that read their lovely blog.

So, without further ado, here is my personal holiday wishlist in all its sadness glory!

I am trying really hard to use my camera as much as possible. I switched from my lovely 50mm to my kit lens, because my 50mm doesn't have auto focus, and trust when I say when you are trying to take pictures of kids and a Rottweiler, you want auto focus. This little baby will do just the trick, and won't break the bank.

I am all about getting fit in the 2014. For reals. I have a lovely FitBit flex, but I really think I want this, their Aria scale.  For like 2 months I thought I was doing so good and losting weight, then I found out my scale had been LYING to me the whole time after a visit to the doctors crushed my soul. This thing takes your weight, BPI, etc. and then sends it off to your computer to analyze it. Super cool.

As if my list weren't sad enough, yes, i want a new pot & pan set. Mine is okay, I've had it FOREVER, but this stuff is super cool and safe and doesn't release nasty chemicals into your food.

Wait! It just got sadder. Yep, I want a salad spinner...

If I REALLY wanted to ....wait maybe I will later...I can fill a JCrew cart with expensive craziness and pretend that there is a chance in hell I'd get any of it.

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