Monday, March 3, 2014


let's ignore the fact that I haven't updated this here blog in like forever shall we? good, thank you. that makes me happy :)

which my friends is the whole point of coming here today. a few weeks ago a friend of mine posted this challenge on her facebook page. And you know, I love a good challenge..

Yep, it's #100happydays challenge, and I'm all over it.

It's simple, the challenge is to find something that makes you happy every day, for 100 days. Or so it seems. According to the website 71% of people that accepted this challenge failed, mainly siting that they didn't have enough time. No time to be happy? Well that's just silly.

So, can you make the time to be happy each and every day? I bet you can!!
You can follow my posts on instagram, and make sure to post your own with #100happydays

Oh, and if you can't think of anything to be happy about, this should help :)

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