Wednesday, September 19, 2012


so..last night after watching RHONJ (while attempting to complete my yarn wreath) I decided to get ready for bed and watch Weeds before I dozed off.

I hit play on the remote and watched for a minute or two. Huh? Wait a second? How come Stevie is in middle school? I swear last week ended with Nancy trying to get Conrad to come into the future. Hmm...perhaps I missed an episode. So, I checked on demand but nope, I was watching the right one.

I started the episode again, trying to really pay attention to see what was going on.  I got about 10 minutes into the one hour long season finale and it hit me. this is it. this isn't the season finale, this is the series finale. wow. I think from that moment of realization on there were tears slowly trickling down. I was just really not prepared for this..

I've pretty much watched Weeds from the second season. I spent a day years ago watching all of season one to catch up ( be young and live at home with your parents again..) and I was hooked. I've faithfully watched the show since then, for all 8 seasons, watching the Botwin's adventures and misadventures...and also watching the boys grow up. And by boys I mean Silas. Hunter Parrish. Who, by the way totally should have been cast for Peeta in The Hunger Games, but whatever, no one ever listens to me.
Season one weeds
hello! season 8

Overall I think it was a good send off, and though from reading online many weren't too thrilled with the last minute or two when they just all sat there, I thought it was a lovely, bittersweet way to say good-bye. I was actually imagining that the actors were thinking about the past 8 seasons when they filmed that part...all just looking around, remembering, being together.  So needless to say, the shock has not worn off and I think I might just start watching all over again from Season 1, yah know..with all my spare time. HA!

In other news, yarn wreath should be completed tonight. wahoo!!

UPDATE! I'm a total dork and decided to watch it again and realized that the final episode started off just liek the first one. I also really liked the reference she made to Shane about Pittsburgh and how she's very fond of him. okay..back to real life now. LOL

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