Tuesday, September 18, 2012


i'm not surprised that when I was directed by the lovely YHL (i always do as I am told) to take the HomeGoods Stylescope quiz that I ended up with Sassy. What's probably surprising is that even though that's my style...you would never know from my house.  Maybe I'm just a sassy wanna be..who knows.

Let the sassiness commence!!!
omg. i so want those owls!

I have this tendency to plan things out that I want to do...and then never do them. I blame the lack of time really. I've requested additional hours added to each day, but for some reason it has not been honored yet. sheesh! So, things I plan to do this week but probably won't:

*clean out kids toys. they are slowly overtaking my house.
*empty out cabinets in preparation for prepping the cabinets to be painted
*get stuff to paint with this weekend
*get all my frames together (I want to do a gallery wall and need to just gather all the frames i have up in the storage area and spray paint them white.)
*donate clothes
*finish yarn wreath

I think that enough...don't you?

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  1. Mine was Socialite with a touch of Boho! oohh soo true!