Monday, September 17, 2012

from the mouths of babes

More funny things my kids (mostly Jackson) say :)

I had just changed into sweatpants and a big baggy sweatshirt. I walk into the living room.
Jackson:  Mommy! What an amazing dress you have on.

Yesterday while playing with Taylor's toy purse.
Jackson: What's this?
Me: Lipstick
Jackson: Lipstick. That's for kissing.

Me: Taylor, who's that"
Taylor: Daddy!
Me: Yup, that's Daddy. Can you say Mommy?
Taylor: No!

Jackson after he had his new skates on:
Jackson: I'm going to skate on the slippery slippery ice! Whoa! It's really slippery!
(he was on our shag rug....)

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