Tuesday, September 25, 2012


update. quickie update. get your minds out of the gutter! jeesh...

So, here is the list I posted earlier this week of things that I needed to do but probably wouldn't:

*clean out kids toys. they are slowly overtaking my house. CHECK!
*empty out cabinets in preparation for prepping the cabinets to be painted CHECK!
*get stuff to paint with this weekend CHECK!
*get all my frames together (I want to do a gallery wall and need to just gather all the frames i have up in the storage area and spray paint them white.)
*donate clothes CHECK!
*finish yarn wreath CHECK! (kinda..)

so, after I run to the paint store at lunch, everything except getting the frames together will be done! go me! well, technically, I still need to put the flowers on my yarn wreath, but I'll count that as done so that I feel really good about myself :)

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