Monday, November 26, 2012

long weekend re-cap

Well! That was a nice break now wasn't it? I thoroughly enjoyed having a nice 4 day long weekend...but I'm happy to be back to the daily grind. Our weekend started off with a yummy Thanksgiving Dinner at my in-laws followed by a quick stop at our friends house for dessert..and so that Karen and I could come up with our plan of attack for shopping on Friday.

I had already decided I wasn't going out on Friday and that I would do all my shopping online, but damn that Toys R' Us ad! Too many good deals not to pass up.  Originally we were going to head up to NH at like midnight, but after a text from Karen's friend that it was a mad house, we decided to just sleep in and go to the one near us at 4 am. Not sure what I was thinking here.

We got to the store at like 4:45 and it was so nice and quiet. No lines, no people running around like maniacs..and there was only one incident of someone stealing the last item that I wanted. I let it go though. The trip was a success..and we may have stopped at Target too for a latte and a few more items.  Mike was gone the rest of the day and night on Friday and even though I was pretty exhausted, I managed to get a lot done.  I cleaned our room (which tends to be where everything that has no place in the rest of the house goes) and was able to make a baby blanket and pillow for BP.

Saturday was another whirlwind day visiting Liss and seeing horses and dogs. We also went through the clothes she has for BP and made a list of what else she needs.  I was such a dork going through all the baby clothes...looking at them and going "oh! this is so tiny and small. Taylor had one just like this", only to realize that it was Taylor's. I think I did this like way too many times.  Also, I checked out the curtains that Liss posted about, and it is most definitely not a fail. They two curtains will be on opposite walls and I think they will look lovely.

Sunday was spent during the day with friends hosting a "Turducken", which if you aren't familiar with is a chicken, inside a duck, inside a turkey. Weird. I know. I didn't have any because we were heading to dinner at my Mom's after, but it looked good. I heard it was a bit gamey though. Whatever that might mean.

this was the least scary picture i could find of turducken

So, it was a nice, fun, busy weekend to say the least. I've been able to check off a lot of "to do's" off my list, though my new found love of loom knitting just keeps adding to that list. Fingerless mittens for everyone!!!

Did you do anything fun this long weekend? Did you brave the black friday madness?

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