Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November Pics

It seems as thought all the cool bloggers do this instadump thing..and since I want to be cool too, I did one as well. I really need to work on my instagramming (yes..that'a  word, I'm sure) because I do not have many photos here..oh well.

Let's see...since there are only 9 I will speak to each.

picture #1, you are of jackson playing with cliffy the dog...that he was obsessed with.
picture # 2, you are of jackson and mike. even though jackson has since quit hockey..he still looks so cute with his skated on.
picture # 3, well you of course are Taylor watching a horse.
picture #4 you are when I gave Taylor her hat and fingerless mittens I made her.
picture #5 you are of the"snow" pillows that Jackson and I made together.
well hello BFF's of picture #6, how are you?
picture # 7 speaks for itself.
look at those loverly centerpieces in picture #8. one day I will post about them.
and picture #9 are my two best buddies waiting for the train in the mall :)

Hopefully next month I can muster up more than 9 pictures!

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