Monday, December 10, 2012


In my wonderfully warped world I'm super awesome at everything. In my latest attempt to be something I am not, I decided to create a mood board for Liss's little girl that's on the way, or Baby Peaches (BP) as I (Jackson) call her.

Liss told me what she wanted for a color scheme so I started googling stuff, and found this amazing (aka $$$$$$$$$$)  bedding on etsy.  I was instantly in love with that fabric, and then tried very hard to find it on google. Suprisingly enough, entering "aqua coral floral fabric" doesn't yield the results one would hope. Luckily, I'm super smart and emailed the etsy seller asking her who makes the fabric.  She got back to me rather quickly and I went ahead and entered the designers name into my google search bar. (I didn't pay me to say google a certain number of times in this post..though that would be pretty cool.

So here is the $60.00/yard fabric that started it all (now I know why the bedding was so expensive!)

Caitlin Wilson Textiles (AMAZING!!)

Aside from the unobtainable fabric, all I knew is that Liss wanted grey chevron and we'd most likely do that for the crib skirt and maybe for the window seat she was making (stay tuned, she'll have a guest post on that soon).

So, I started that crazy googling again and was putting my finds over on my polyvore account to create my first every mood board.  VIOLA!

nursery idea

Liss ordered all the fabric, and she's already done the curtains, as you saw in this post.  I made the baby blanket and a pillow, and ordered her the super duper cute bunny over at etsy.  I still have to order her coral fabric and make slipcovers for the glider cushions...but since I'm obviously so good at everything, I'm sure I'll get that done in no time. HAHAHAHAHAH!

Once she (we?) have more of the nursery done I know that she'll post more pictures!

Also, if you like free stuff, head on over to Natalie's blog for a give away!!!


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  1. thank you for sharing my giveaway. the sugar scrubs are AMAZING. And well this baby room makes me want a nursery to decorate.... lol Love the colors and your right the fabric is great!