Friday, February 22, 2013

more snow...

Since I announced I'm going to be posting my weekly to-do lists, I figured I should probably come back and announce how I kicked it's a$$.

Well, I didn't really, but I did pretty good!

As a was my list:

All of my dinners were created, except on Wednesday it was kids choice and I ate popcorn..but whatever.
I did all my meal planning and shopping for next week, cut out the traingles for the bunting and took pictures of the living room wall.  We may have to move Taylor's party to next week (yay! more snow...) so the bunting may get pushed to next weeks to do list, but the filing will be done tonight. gooo me!

Getting excited for a busy weekend, but slightly stressing about the "unknown" of Taylor's party.  Anything  good going on this weekend? Are you getting more snow too??

Oh, and I can't publish this post without wishing my little crazy lady a very happy 2nd birthday :)


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