Monday, February 25, 2013

these are a few of my favorite things!!!!

Wahoo! Monday is here! YAYAYYAYAY!!
(was that convincing enough?)

Hope you all had an awesome weekend. I was super duper productive this weekend and checked everything off my list (well, except the bunting).  I also got a few more projects done and not only had turkey dinner, but got to snuggle with Baby Peaches.

I've decided once a week or so I'm going to do a "favorite things" post, featuring some of my favorite items from my at home site. So here goes!
Um..hello? Where were you when I was decided on what hooks to hang over my bench?? PERFECTION!! I'm seriously considering replacing what I have now...OR hanging these over where the bunch currently lives...but not sure if that will be too much hookiness in one space...thoughts?
These are in my shopping cart right now. I have a mason jar that I've been wanting to put some flowers in for a while now. I love the colors and don't they look like something from a Dr. Suess book???
I really want to bring some pops of red into the kitchen. I love the idea of getting four of these and hanging them over the sink. Maybe using command strips or something. Hmmm...
I have no room for this, and doubt I'd ever really use it. But I want it. Pizzelle reminds me of being littley, hanging out at my Nanny's house, and her Sunday dinners. If you have no idea what a pizzelle is, I'm sorry.

You can find all this goodness and more over at my at home site. Go check it out. Amazing sales happening right now!!


I'll be back later today with my "to do" list for the week, which includes uploading all my pictures so that I can actually do a post that has to do with a project, and get ready to post my Winter Pinterest Challenge!!


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