Friday, March 1, 2013

February Pics

Hello again! Back to share my February instagram photos and a follow-up on how I did with my weekly goals.

February was a pretty exciting month. We welcomed Baby Elise, Taylor turned 2, and we had our first real snow storm in what seems like FOREVER. I'm not saying that it was a welcome storm..just sayin' in happened.

In other exciting news, and as evident by my instagram pics, I went to Tasty Burger. We went after Elise's big debut because we were all pretty hungry. Oh my. SOOOOOO yummy. If you are ever in the Fenway area, definitely check it out.  Or, they have a location in Harvard Sq (wishing I still worked in Cambridge right now) and Southie.  I got the Blue Collar burger, because really, after a long day of helping bring a child into the world, nothing hits the spot like a batter fried hamburger patty with a sweet and spicy mustard pickle. I highly recommend it. I also tried Sriracha for the first time. I have a bottle of it at home and never will be used now. A lot. That stuff is awesome.

You may be looking at the picture of Taylor's sneaker, that has no filter on it, and wondering why? was I.  This is what happens when your two year old gets your iphone.  She apparently was taking pictures in the car (she does love using cameras). I had no idea until later that day when I was looking at my camera roll. I looked at Mike and said "ha! Taylor took a picture of her sneaker" he replied "ya I  know" and I didn't think much of that but was like "huh? how did he know".  It wasn't until someone commented on a picture that was up on instagram that I realized not only did she take a picture, she managed to upload and post it to instagram. Girls a genius.

As for my weekly goals..not too bad if I do say so myself. I wish I had more time to do some photo editing, but I was able to FINALLY send the pictures from Elise's birth day to my sister and I uploaded all the other pictures on my camera.  I have a bunch more from my point and shoot from the snow storm, but that wasn't as much of a priority. Though looking back, it would have been nice to have a few pictures to share since I did mention the storm.  The only item that didn't get done..was the working out. For some reason I've been pretty wired and while not necessarily up late, it's almost like when I sleep I'm not sleeping well enough. So, I walk up really tired and unmotivated. Hoping next week I can get my butt in gear. Especially since March is my "start running" month from my monthly resolutions.

Looking forward to a fun and hopefully snow free March!! Have a great weekend..oh and Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law Jenn! She's a leap year baby so I think technically she's only like 8. HA!


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