Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Frenchy's Fix

disclaimer: please excuse the poor image quality. I apparently forgot how to focus while taking these pictures.

Bonjour!  je m'appelle Amie!  Yup..that's all the French I know. Actually, that's a lie..voulez-vous coucher avec moi ...you get the picture.

Remember when I decided to cover my storage tray with the pretty Parisian fabric? Well, for the most part that's been working out pretty well. It's even survived some juice and beer spills (don't ask).  But there was one thing that was really bugging me about it. The fabric was lifting and fraying. Sads :(

Not cool.
I thought about maybe gluing them down, and then remembered my stash of $1.00 aisle craft goodies from Target, and pulled out this guy.
I thought the color would look cool. It would cover up and seal any edges, plus it's duct tape, so my thinking was it would make it a bit more water resistant. I dunno..

A super quick fix and a fun pop of color. Let's see how long it lasts though. I sure am loving my $1.00 scores at Target. I think I went for like 4 weeks in a row trying to find some bakers twine and ended up picking up random stuff like this duct tape when it wasn't there. I FINALLY scored some last week. No clue what I'm going to do with it, but I feel like a more secure person knowing I have it if needed.


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  1. loving the pop of color! I am going to need a Target and Ikea trip soon for some randoms that I feel better if I have... lol