Monday, October 21, 2013

cleaning house

I know most people participate in Spring cleaning, but for some reason, fall really does it for me. Maybe it's the whole switching out of wardrobes, or the fact that I need to make multiple trips to the storage room upstairs and I get to see the mess that is up there, but it's time to clean and purge. I feel a to-do list coming on!!!!

Along with the usual (clothes, toys, stuff we never use) I'm also going to start cleaning out our pantry and freezer.  The bubble has been burst again, and even though I had a wake up call a few years back after watching Food Inc. this preview from OMG GMO really brought things back for me.

It's time to get real.
It's time to clean house.

I'm not going to rant or stand up on a soap box and talk about why you should eat XYZ and why you shouldn't eat ABC, I'm simply talking about why I (and hopefully my family) am going to start eating better. To each his own.  Okay, but wait. Honestly, I firmly believe that the food that we all ate growing up, is NOT the same food that we eat now, or that our kids eat. So much has been done to food in the past 20's just not the same. That was my one rant. I'm done :)

But let's face it, this food that is supposed to be better for us (organic, non-GMO, minimally processed) is EXPENSIVE, and quite honestly I have quite a stash of "not good" food hanging around. So, here's the plan. Clean everything out. Don't throw stuff away (well except for stuff i can't possibly consume like flour and things like that) but cook everything we have over the next few months, and start fresh, and slowly.  When I've been out shopping I've starting picking up one or two things here and there to start restocking my pantry. I'm also planning on getting a family freezer box from one of the local farms in RI so we can have some grass fed beef, etc.  I'm also planning on needing help and guidance on this, so I'm happy I stumbled upon 100 days of real food. I think I'm going to start the year off by using the 14 week plan to get things going. Should be interesting for sure.

I also  know that  a lot of my families eating is out of my hands. I can't control what they have when they aren't with me, but I can do my best to make sure that anything I make from them is following the "real food" guidelines, and I think that's better than nothing. At least for me! I'm also hoping that once we all get in the habit of this, then we won't want all the junky stuff. I've read that taste changes (for the better!) from weeding out all the yucky stuff, so you actually don't really want it anymore.  But if we want to get a fast food treat time to time, or go out to a nice dinner, I'm not going to consider myself a failure by any means.

I'm hoping to have good updates for you all on how this is going once things get rolling, but for now, I'll be at home baking, cooking and eating all the "bad" stuff while I still can. LOL!!

Anyone else out there eating "real"? Any good recipes to share? Especially for REALLY picky 5 year olds???

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  1. It really is hard to do! Especially with a budget. With the whole gluten free thing I have started just trying to eat more foods that aren't processed... but my processed food loving taste buds find it hard especially with eating out and traveling. You have to plan ahead. Some local farms do farm shares too. I don't know the price but it basically gives you fresh produce for the season. I definitely notice a difference between frozen and fresh veggies.