Tuesday, October 22, 2013

she's crafty

As you've probably gathered by now, I love to craft. If I could have 3 extra hours a day...to myself..I would craft. And it would be awesome. Back in "the day" ("the day"=no kids) I used to love to learn new crafts and take classes. Finding a place to do this isn't easy. In fact, the studio that I used to take classes at years ago, closed after only a few years in business. Which is sad. And even if it were open, it's not like I could find the time to trek in there to learn some new craftiness...

But luckily for all us busy crafters out there who don't have time, or can't get to a studio, there is this super cool site called Craftsy.  I stumbled upon it one day and love love love it! Basically it's an online marketplace where you can take all sorts of crafting classes. AND you can buy patterns and supplies and all the goodness on there to make your projects.  They also have a member section where you can post pictures (aka brag about how awesome you are) of your latest and greatest projects.  They have classes for just about everyone ranging from quilting to photography and even cooking. say what?

The videos are super great and the best part about it is that if you are stuck on something, or aren't quite getting it right away, you can just hit rewind. Can't do that in a "real" classroom. Love it!

Okay, and here is the best best best part. They are offering FREE mini classes so you can check them out and see how cool they are and become the best crafter ever!!!! They have mini-classes available for literally anything...drawing, cake making, sewing, knitting. You name it, they got it. Check it out and let me know what classes you take. Maybe we'll have a Craftsy project link party!!!!


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