Wednesday, October 23, 2013

fall to do's

I love me a good list, and my last post reminded me just how much I want need to do before it gets too chilly out.  So I started out my to-do list creating by searching the internet for some great ideas. I was gong to start with this one here from clean mama, and then noticed she had a 31 days to a cleaner home and I was all "sign me up!"

I have used Clean Mama before and love all her printables. I actually haven't been to her site in FOREVER because I use the printable I purchased quite a bit, but there is tons of fun stuff there so check it out. One day I will post about my obsession with printables...but not today.

Now, back to my plan.
I'm going to follow the 31 okay, 30 day plan with some minor tweaks (I don't have two floors so no need to do those parts), but I've added some larger projects that will more likely take up a weekend.

Here's what my overall list looks like:

Obviously a lot of these things I do anyway (dust anyone?) but this will just be like a really super deep clean. This way my house will be clean and organized just in time for it to all go to crap when Christmas rolls around.


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  1. This is a great idea!!! I have a similar list but it's called getting ready for bebe!