Monday, January 6, 2014

Eating Real: Week One Prep

Okay, there is literally nothing worse then logging in to make sure the post you scheduled is up and realizing that it is gone. Where did it GO!!! Super sads x 100000

So, I will try my best to recreate the post. here goes.

So, today marks my journey into "Eating Real". I am not going to do this thing cold turkey, so I'm following the mini-plan to get things clean in 14 weeks.

So, the plan I'm following is from the blog 100 days of Real Food and week one of the mini-pledge is to eat fruits and veggies at each meal. So basically I have to eat a minimum of two different fruits or veggies at each meal.


this is easy for Taylor and even Mike, but me and Jackson (well, with fruit he's good) good luck to us!! I am not a big fruit person and Jackson will only eat french fries, carrots and lettuce. Luckily there are some great easy ideas up on Lisa's blog. So, maybe this won't be so tough after all.

I did some mindful food shopping this past weekend and have all our dinners and my lunches planned out.  I know the kids eat a ton of fruit during the day so I'm not too worried there.

If anyone else out there is tackling this challenge let me know, and share some recipe ideas. I need help!!!

I'm so bummed, my original blog post was way better. Well, at least I had fruit for breakfast....

Hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Year! Let's do this 2014!!!

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  1. Ooohhh I like this!! Funny because I am so much more mindful of fruit veggies and vitamins during and post pregnancy because it effects Z but not when ig was for me... Lol good luck!